The Decline of Halloween

Since I like to talk about all things geeky, and nerdy. I think I need to touch upon Halloween which I believe is one of the geekiest holidays, and one I enjoy the most.  They say all things change, and I think the most noticable holiday to change over the passage of time is Halloween.

I remember as a kid being out most of the night, and trick or treating for hours up hours. Returning with bowls upon bowls of candy. Now these days due to the assholes who taint candy, or if it’s those mother fucking health nuts that warn against given candy out to kids I don’t see hardly any kids trick or treating, and it’s a crying shame.

Halloween is a time of fun, and adventure…and to be a little scary. Having a dress up party for your kids on Halloween is about as scary as Winnie the Pooh.

Like in the song this is Halloween, Life isn’t fun without a little scare.  By the way I knew a guy who did a costume like this one. It was great

3 Responses to “The Decline of Halloween”

  1. In my little corner of the world, trick or treating is alive and well. I get 75 kids on a bad year, 150 on a good one. We have houses who go all out with scaring the crap out of kids, and others who give craptons of goodies in addition to candy.

    Halloween might be diminshed in some places, but we can keep it going! Don’t let the a-holes get you down, Rivs!

  2. Halloween used to be second in spending only to Christmas. It was all about fun. Who knows if the decline is due to the fear of abduction, tainted candy or a major victory for the religious right.

    Halloween is the only (formerly) major American holiday the Christians could never dominate. Watch out Jerry Falwell – Harry Potter is coming to get you!

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