I don’t support gay marriage unless both chicks are hot!

I just wanted to point this out. I thought it was very brave of BBB to come out with this post first off. Do I agree with it, not really.

It’s not that I hate gay’s or anything, hell I got more tranny’s on my site then Jerry Springer. I think my problem is a group of people want rights based on their choices in life. A black man born in this world isn’t given a choice whether to be black or not (except Micheal Jackson) . I think being gay is a choice, or at least environmental conditioning of some sort.  I don’t think we are born gay, like I wasn’t born fat, I became obese because I ate too much. It will take work not to be obese, and I choose not to that work.

Who would choose to be gay?  Well I don’t know, but you think I choose to be fat, it just is. I can either work against it, or accept it. I support those gays, lesbians, and TG people who chose to be who they are. This is America, the pursuit of happiness is your basic human right.

As for marriage, if gays get legal marriage, I want to use handicapped parking that’s closer to the store cause I’m obese.

8 Responses to “I don’t support gay marriage unless both chicks are hot!”

  1. I think that you and others (myself included) may disagree as to where the “choice” comes into it. You think being gay is a choice. I think that people are just “wired” in their brain that way (from birth), and the only choice involved is whether to act on it or not. And there’s no (to my knowledge) pure, scientific answer.

  2. Interesting point. Only thing I don’t get then is, if being gay is a choice, why do people who make that choice spend so much time agonizing and trying to conform to heterosexual standards?

    And I’m with you on the parking thing.

  3. ‘I think being gay is a choice, or at least environmental conditioning of some sort.’

    Its easy to have opinions on something that we don’t understand, that doesn’t make it right. You very easily could think this because the only way -you- would feel this way is if it was by choice, so that’s the only way you comprehend it.

    On the other side, I couldn’t imagine being attracted to another girl. I’m just not wired like that, so the thought of it just generally fills me with apathy. I suspect that anyone not wired that way views it as ‘its ok but not something I’m interested in’ to ‘omg don’t touch me because I am so narrow-minded I cant see beyond my own face’. Any of those views, while some accepting, can’t actually comprehend on a personal level what its like.

    However, people who ARE in same-sex relationships often say its not a choice in terms of who they are attracted too. Quite frankly, I’d be more prone to take the word of someone who actually had the experience, than someone formulating an opinion on an internal feeling that is completely unrelated to them with no evidence.

  4. Did you choose to be heterosexual? I know I didn’t. So who are you to say it’s a choice? Stupid logic.

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