Say Hello to The Bad Guy

Syp had a really good post the other day about what if we we’re the bad guys of the MMO world. Some people lament, and justify their actions in the context of being good. They want to keep their so-called “good guy” button.

Not me. I’m a virtual sociopath.  I’m the guy who relishes not only in my enemies defeat, but I want them to be humiliated.  I love PvP for a reason, because I can imagine players screaming at their monitor for blood, my blood. I take grand delight in denying them that pleasure.

Kill Ten Creatures, I kill thousands and do a jig when i practically perform my own genocide. Decimating whole populations for my ill-gotten gain, and if I can kill a rabbit in the process all that much better.

I gank, I cheat, I call your mother a tranny hooker in barrens chat.  You can call me whatever you want it really won’t change me, the game may change but I don’t. I may play by your rules to get what I need or want, then again I may not.  I don’t care all I want is victory, anything else wouldn’t be worth my time.

So if we are the bad guys, the villains, the scum of the virtual universe, so be it. I embrace it.  Every story needs a good villain, and I am him.

Say hello to the bad guy.

6 Responses to “Say Hello to The Bad Guy”

  1. OK, you seriously need to start putting “NSFW” tags in your titles!

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