Sort of like this picture. I felt let down like when a hot girl whips out a huge penis.  I guess the Warhammer 40k news was all speculation, or a massive leak. THQ is denouncing that stuff.  It did have me a little worried that they had a date set in stone. It’s my fault I should of spotted the Adam’s Apple..and that is a dude  in the pic.

On other front, been playing Darksiders alot.  I like Action games, but I like pure visceral killing, I’m not big on move this block here, jump here, place your cock here type of puzzles. Still like the game though, I do enjoy throwing my big penis…er I mean sword around.  I played the demo of Space Marine on the PS3 too, I think I like it better on the PS3 too. I dunno.

Weird usually when I’m without Internet I go into convulsions if I can’t log onto a MMO os some sort. Not this time, I think there’s a massive lull or calm before the storm before SWTOR, and no 4.3 patch is going to help WoW.  At the end of December I have this feeling WoW is going to be a ghost town.

I decided I’m going Sith Warrior for SWTOR, I’m gonna name him Rivz, or Darth Cockulus, haven’t decided yet.  I might have to save the latter for an RP server.



5 Responses to “LIES!”

  1. Would you feel less let-down if she whipped out a small penis?

  2. Space Marine was a lot better when I hooked up my 360 controller to the computer.

  3. Ive had no internet for almost a week and am kinda missing mmos. Gotta agree with WoW, its been going downhill since the expansion release and I cant help but think i probably wont be back.

    With regards to SWTOR Im certainly looking forward to it however the more i see of Guild Wars 2 the more impressed i get.

  4. Gank wins IMO. And you need to answer his question, punk.

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