I am currently playing Darksiders for the PS3, and I am really enjoying this game. It’s made by the same company as Space Marine, so it plays alot…Errr I mean ALOT alike.  You got attacks, and executes, and the executes give you health back. Not just that I’m kind of digging the story line. Hell and Heaven fighting, and here you are in the middle. There’s a little comedy involved to. 

I also delved a little into Brutal Legend, with Jack Black as the voice, just the humor of it. It’s alot like a cartoon you play, and the soundtrack has some really awesome songs on it.

They might make me a console gamer yet…plus pixel angels are HOT!

One Response to “Darksiders”

  1. fluffrick Says:

    No wonder that “Space Marine” plays a lot like “Darksiders” – it’s built on the same engine, apparently. And as I’ve been loving “Space Marine”, I think that I might have to add “Darksiders” to my pile of gaming shame…

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