To the Darkness, I bring Fire. To the Ignorant, I Bring Faith!

Ahhh more news on the Warhammer 40k MMO.  Syp speculates that it is strange how they are going about giving out info. Not me I think it’s a little refreshing. I like the fact they gave an exact date…something to look forward to, even though as a gamer we ALL know that it will be pushed back.

Some things I like –

-The progression sounds cool, and hero classes too.

-Chaos…Yes Please!

-Raid size of 50…whoa, performance better be spot on though.

-Real Duel Wielding.

Some things I don’t like too much.

– Twitch based game…meh.

– 2 Faction system…yet again. Give me 3 factions for Khorne’s sake.

– What no Inquisitors, or Sisters of Battle?

7 Responses to “To the Darkness, I bring Fire. To the Ignorant, I Bring Faith!”

  1. The Jersey Wife Says:

    What is with the 2 faction crapola? I mean hello? Warhammer online… ’nuff said?!
    Still really looking forward this mmo. I have huge doubts that they’ll actually release on their projected date and though I’m currently burned out on fantasy mmos I’ll be tracking this one for sure.

  2. I just started reading W40K. Reading the Horus Heresy. On Book 3 I think: Galaxy in Flames. Probably will give the MMO a shot for sure.

    I kinda like how the books start off and I am like “damn, these guys suck, how can I cheer for them when they just go around the galaxy murdering people”… not sure if I can like Chaos either… have not gotten deep enough in the books to tell yet.. heh.

    Read a whole lot of the Fantasy Gotrek and Felix stuff too.

    • I love the Warhammer and War 40k series, also the Horus Heresy. I find it awesome the hubris of the Imperium that their way is the right way, and will not suffer mutants, xenos, or heretics.

      In the Warhammer universe you have to realize there is no real good side, even the so called good guys are tainted. That’s the beauty of it.

      • telanarra Says:

        I always argued that the CSM’s were always the good guys. The rebelled against a tyrannical overlord and are still attempting to free oppressed worlds 🙂

      • I think you might be right. Good and Evil are a matter of perception.

      • LOL. CSM could possibly be the good guys.. but I kinda have an ethical problem with sending your friends down to a planet then virus bombing them… but all is fair in love and war? I dunno. LOL.

      • Hard choices require hard decisions. LOL!

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