God Of War

So I went to Gamestop last night looking for a gaming system.  As I was talking to the sales clerk, a guy about my age was shopping there, he told me go with the PS3, as well as some friends over twitter, and this blog. It’s nice the fellow gamer told me his thoughts he owns both systems he said, and liked the PS3, plus he said it’s the best blu ray on the market.  We talked for a bit, I said I was mostly a computer gamer, he said he was to, and Ex- World of Warcrafter. Gamers helping gamers…I love it. So PS3 it was.

I got a refurbished 160GB Hard Drive for 269.00, I was going to go for the 120GB for 229.00, but for 40 bucks 40 extra GB I thought it was worth it in the long run. I also bought the 2 year plan, because it was refurbished, anything ever happened to it next two years it is covered.

The most hard part was choosing a couple games. In the end I went with 2 slightly used games. Street Fighter 4, and Madden 11. What I loved most about console games was fighting, and sports games both were always great on consoles. Next up thinking God of War, cause the series looks tight, and bioshock 2 maybe.

I can’t wait to hook it up, now I need to get a new TV.

One Response to “God Of War”

  1. I love my PS3. I’m getting Battlefield 3 this month and I love the 3D Blue Ray. You made good choice because I bought a high end Blue ray and brought it back in a week because it sucked. Ever since I bought my PS3 I couldn’t be happier for the fact of the Blue Ray. Ya Xbox 360 has more nerds on it, but they have about all the same great games. IMO the PS3 has a better home entertainment value seeing how you are mainly a PC gamer.

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