Amish Paradise

So I just moved, and I’m living in an Amish Paradise. No fricking Internet, No Computer. Heck all I need to do is walk around with a torch and churn some butter, or make a quilt.

Here’s the question of the day. I want to buy a console gaming system, but I’m a huge movie buff…I am also looking to save money.  Which way do I go. The PS3 with the built in Blue Ray, or do I get the XBOX, and just bite the bullet and buy a Blue Ray Player?

I am so looking forward to SWTOR, and the dilemma is a Sith Warrior, or Inquisitor…so many decisions…

Dang I gotta go change the shoes on my horse. I gotta go.


6 Responses to “Amish Paradise”

  1. You in PA Amish Paradise?? That’s right down the street from me. Welcome to the armpit of the world.

    I’d say XBox, personally.

  2. That’s some sexy butter churning there imo.

  3. Xbox. That’s two votes right there. You can also get Kinect which is a MUCH better option than the lame-ass Move.

  4. Sith Warrior trust me…

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