Weekly Lagout

Man so busy at work, and packing I have to admit lately on this blog it really hasn’t been my best work to date. Let’s just say there’s not a whole bunch to say until something fresh hit’s the scene, like SWTOR, or GW2. I hope WoW 4.3 hits a chord with me.

Moving so I won’t be playing to much online until I get internet hooked up at my new crib, which I hope to catch up on my Space Marine then.

High Latency Love…

Here’s some posts on gear that don’t suck.

Cynwise puts up a great post on differences of the paths of PvP, and PvE. As a man who straddles both worlds I found it interesting.

Here’s another great post, where he derives his post from Flavor Text.

Something Funny…

Love me some Charlie Sheen Reference.

With that…


2 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Thanks, Riv! Have a great move, hope everything goes smoothly!

  2. Come play League of Legends with me!

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