Peanut Butter, Baseball Bats, and SWTOR

Well I thought of having a random topic day, so I asked on Twitter if anybody had a topic. Scary is the only one who chimed in. So he asked me to write about Peanut Butter, Baseball Bat, and SWTOR.

I love Peanut Butter, I mean it’s like a religon to me. Crunchy, or Creamy it doesn’t matter. I don’t go for the organic, natural stuff either. Give me Jiff, Skippy, Peter Pan, stuff with some lovely chemicals thrown in. So basically I like all this stuff that’s added to the Peanut Butter, and it makes it better for me.  Sometimes I just take a spoon to the jar, and I call that a snack, or even a meal.  That’s how I feel a good MMO should be, you have your basic peanut butter, but you put stuff on top of that like real story, voice acting, good interface, etc. etc, and voila you have more than you basic MMO, you have something awesome like Skippy.

But beyond good MMO’s to really grab my attention you should feel like you just got hit with a Baseball Bat. For me it’s usually one of the trailer’s or videos that just go *WHACK* upside my head, and I’m sold. For instance in the first Warhammer Online Trailer, when the Chosen was beating on the Warrior Priest. It was like Whoa awesome, WHACK!, and I climbed atop that Hype Train like none other.  For SWTOR, the first cinematic trailer did it for me, “Decieved” When I saw that I was like “whoa!”  The problem is most MMO’s stop hitting you with that baseball bat, you keep needing those moments if your going to succeed as an MMO designer.

So to sum it all up an awesome MMO should be a sludge of goodness like a nice Peanut Butter, yet should have those moments that hit you upside the head, like a baseball bat every now and then. I think SWTOR is really going to deliver, I just hope my mouth doesn’t stick to the roof of my mouth, and I don’t get whacked in the balls by a baseball bat.

2 Responses to “Peanut Butter, Baseball Bats, and SWTOR”

  1. Odd, I was thinking more sexual, but you pulled off my randomness nicely.

    I also think a game needs some lasting stick to it. It’s nice to have the awesome grand slam trailers, but you know they only last a few minutes before the crowd is chanting for something better. Maybe hit some fat lady in row 3 next time or something.

    SWTOR does have a lot of the proven success features, but it is grabbing a bunch of stuff from different jars, mixing them together, adding a new secret ingredient, and giving us something new like Jiffskip. I think I’ll like it for a long time

    • Sexual? Well I can’t say Bioware slathered up a bat with peanut butter, and slammed me with it until I see the game.

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