Are Sith Evil?

Evil is a point of view correct? So to the Sith they are the good guys, and the Jedi are evil. If you think the Sith are evil, why? Because they kill, Jedi kill people too.  Are they evil because they live by the rule of the strongest survives? Well then you might say a shark, or a lion is evil.

Why I Don’t Think Sith Are Evil.

1. Order – They want an ordered society with them at the top. That’s all I want out of life to.

2. Goal Oriented – Taking over the galaxy is a lofty goal indeed.

3. They Keep Their Promises  – Though they may alter the deals, and pray they do not alter them further.

4. Equal Opportunity Employers – When they hired bounty hunters, there was a lizard dude, and a robot.

5.  Great Sense of Humor – Come on when the Emperor told Luke, that “This battle station is fully operational” in Return of the Jedi, tell me that shit wasn’t funny right there.

6. Better Fashion Sense – Jedi and all their browns, bleh!

7.  They only kill people who get in their way – Sith can’t help it if you lack poor decision-making abilities.

8.  Family oriented – If Luke didn’t turn, then Darth would turn dear sister.



2 Responses to “Are Sith Evil?”

  1. 9. Laser Focused: Once they decided to destroy the Jedis and take over the universe, they didn’t look back for thousands of years.

    10. Sensitive: They don’t hide behind this facade of self-righteousness or “not giving in to your emotions”. They get sensitive. They get mad. They exact bloody vengeance.

  2. He would have turned Luke’s sister too! Nothing like a family affair!

    Sith are such drama queens! Why do you think there are only 2??

    They could not handle anymore…besides….there’s no one to talk about you behind your back!

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