Nothing Like a Little Tease.

I remember this girl back in high school, she would make out with me, and grind on me but when it came to thee deed, she always stopped me. My friend called her a cock tease.

Yesterday I got a couple emails from Star Wars: The Old Republic stating stuff about the Beta, and they wanted my opinion of the Beta. I was freaking out. Did I get invited, and accidentally delete the invite, I checked my Spam. Nothing.  I think I almost cried think I deleted the invite.  Now I found out that these emails we’re accidentally sent out to every potential beta tester, not to actual beta testers.

Now I know what virtual Blue Balls feels like.

7 Responses to “Nothing Like a Little Tease.”

  1. I got one too and I was all “When did I get into the beta and why don’t I remember?”

  2. The stormtrooper is really hot though. Too bad that seems to be the only pics anyone has EVAR taken of her, or the outfit.

  3. Not to burst your, erm, balls, but:


    1. The fact that there is a Game Program.
    2. The fact that you are a member of the Game Program.

    So, all I can tell you is:

    1) yes.
    2) I am.


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