Happy Birthday Weekly Lagout

Well Monday September 26th marks the anniversery of me coming out of my Mommy’s vagina, so I’ll be taking Monday, and Tuesday off…if anyone wants to write something feel free (I mean Scary, or Bee)

I get a little wierded out at my birthday cause I’m in utter disbelief I survived another year. Well few more days until the actual bday maybe I can mess that record up.

In terms of gaming, I didn’t get much done this week cause I kind of wanted to clear the board with my side jobs, and real job so I can relax a few days.

Next Wendesday I’ll be back, and refreshed and ready to take on the world.

High Latency Love –

Me, Cause I’m a Magnificient Bastard.

Something Funny –

I’m going to be 39 this year…crap that’s old isn’t it.

With that….


7 Responses to “Happy Birthday Weekly Lagout”

  1. Happy Birthday, Riv!

    (Yes, you are old. Join the club.)

  2. Happy birthday Riv, I’m sure to think of something for Tuesday. I got several Dr. Appointments Monday so that is a no go.

  3. Happy birthday!

    …and yes, join the oldies club 🙂

  4. Happy birthday! And cool, you share the same bday as my brother.

  5. The only blogger I know to casually insert his mother’s vagina into an otherwise (seemingly) innocent blog post!

    Happy birthday fatty!

  6. Man. . . I wish I was 39 again! Thanks for making me feel old!

    And Happy Birthday 🙂

  7. Happy (1 day late) Birthday! 39’s not thaaaat old, lol. 🙂

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