10 of my Favorite Wow Moments in WoW

Inspired by Bronte, and his post.  I was feeling nostalgic, and thought I would post some of my favorite WoW memories, cause once Diablo rolls around, and SWTOR I’ll probably hang up my WoW boots again.

10 – Wrathgate cut-scene video – I am a huge Forsaken guy, and I love how the lore is playing out there. They just hate everyone, and when it went to the video via the game it was like getting hit by a bat.

9-  Ethical Choice in Death Knight Starter Quest Line – When you had to kill your “friend”, I was very impressed, and taken aback a bit.

8 –  Doctor Putricide saying “Good New Everybody” – It was just funny, and it made the guild laugh so much that it made a crappy ICC encounter more fun.

7. 16 hour Alterec Valley – I took part in a 16 hour AV, and by the end I thought I ran a marathon, I heard of even longer ones. When it was over I was like Holy Shit, finally but the fact we won it was a huge win…thee hugest. 

6. 10 minute Alterac Valley – Back  in the day when AV lasted hours, me and my guild Phoenix Ascension queued together, and we were all in the same AV, that AV was won by us in 10 minutes, it was one of thee greatest AV’s I ever took part of.

5. Someone actually listened to me – In Zul’ Aman on the Eagle Boss, you had to run the gauntlet to the Eagle Boss, I told the guild I read somewhere that if you run straight to Eagle Boss, things despawned…well I really thought I read it…it didn’t work quite like that, and we got wiped bad…I don’t think anyone ever took strat advice from me ever…ever again.

4. Iron Giant – Back in the good ole Barren Chat days I got into an argument with a pure idiot over something stupid…I went on Vacation and I come back, and the dude whose name is Iron Giants was in my guild. I was like WTF. I was nice and shut up, then he really messed up several times he got booted, but my guild started calling me Iron Giant 2.o…I loved those bastards.

3. The Prophet in AQ – Just hearing him talk while clearing up to him was wierd, yet thrilling for me. For me it was just really cool.

2. Helping our guilds main tank get a Thunderfury – Just to be a part of helping him craft such a awesome weapon, and to see it completed it was pretty fricking cool.

1. a – Defeating Netharion for the First Time – It was just a great feeling, I can’t tell you how long it took to get the BWL dungeon down, and when we finally did it was pure greatness.

1.b. Defeating Ragnaros for the First Time – Not only was it Epic to see him pop up, but when you finally did beat him back then it was a major accomplishment. Doing MC, and BWL on a weekly basis made you a hardcore raider, and I was proud to be one. To me getting 10 people to go in a dungeon for 2 days is not hardcore, we did it 5 out of the 7 days (2 for MC, and 3 for BWL, and maybe more if we wanted to do something special) …that was hardcore my friends.  How did my fellow mages celebrate our Ragnaros killed, we ported everyone to Darnassus…boy were they pissed.

 There’s a few more great moments, and these are just a few that stick out in my mind.  Say what you want about WoW it’s given me 7 years of enjoyment, and that’s pretty fricking good for a game.

3 Responses to “10 of my Favorite Wow Moments in WoW”

  1. “Ethical Choice in Death Knight Starter Quest Line – When you had to kill your ”friend”, I was very impressed, and taken aback a bit.”

    For me, the problem was that it wasn’t a choice at all!

    There was another quest in Grizzly Hills where you are assigned to use a sacrificial knife on someone, and when you get there, the quest changes in nature and you’re rescuing the person you were supposed to knife. Screw that, I was totally prepared to knife her the second time around, but I couldn’t do it! Not even right clicking on the knife. What the hell?

  2. My moment was near the beginning of Burning Crusade and I was in my first big guild, Lords of Azuremyst.

    The most helpful guild I was ever in. The GL and his wife would take my character into dungeons a little higher than my character to get experience and see the content.

    It was so epic back then. The graphics were flying around so much, I could bearly see a thing until the encounter was over.

    My first Scarlet Monestary run was a guild run and ultimate fun.

    The GL eventually Rage-/gquit after turning the leadership over to me. I had just come back from a break and the guild had already fallen apart. I keep it as a Bank now. It probably will never be as great again, but I will always cherish the name and the memory of it.

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