Diablo 3 Beta is in Full Swing

I’m really excited, I remember the first Diablo, and the voice that uttered from the game when you found the books of lore still haunt my memories.

Diablo 2 was a huge jump and I loved it even more, with it’s talent trees, and awesome story, and you even had an expansion.

With each Diablo came a suberb story, Here we are at Diablo 3 will we have the awesome story, or will things like a real money auction house take away from a game I came to grew and love.  Looking over the classes I don’t feel the same sense of awesomeness I felt with Diablo 2 yet, I mean a Witch Doctor instead of a Necromancer…I want my Necromancer back damn it. A monk instead of a Paladin.

Perhaps I am getting old, and I am resisting change, but this sequal is not kicking me on the hype bone. I will sure as shit buy it, but how much I will play all determined on one thing…If Blizzard blows my socks off, or they just slapped something together.  

P.S. Blizzard where’s my invite mother fuckers!

2 Responses to “Diablo 3 Beta is in Full Swing”

  1. Im disapointed about the class selection.

    Im sure it will be an awesome game thats gonna bring the bar way up in the genre,

    But right now i feel like there’s 2 classes, Sorc or Barb.

    My favorite D2 classes? Necro, Pally.

    Classes I dont want to see in any blizz games, monks and witch doctors.

    5$ next wow expansion has a Monk elite class.


  2. You might want to look at the Monk videos though. I was initially disappointed, but it appears the Monk does, in fact, kick an ungodly amount of ass.

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