Weekly Lagout

Not a whole lot of gaming this week due to real life.

Space Marine – Man I hit a sticking point, I’ll get past it though. Damn Orks.

WoW – Just grinding out PvP, I’m going to try to get a staff for my mage, and some healing gear for my Pally.

Other Games – Nothing really on the horizen, when I get some time I may check out Star Trek Online, or Wrath of Heroes.

High Latency Love –

Jong from Forbearance  has been gone from the scene quite some time, but it’s funny I still get hits to my site from his. He was a cool, and interesting blogger, and I do miss him. I hope he is doing well, and he is always welcome to do a guest post here.

I miss Bee too. She brought something extra to HLL, I hope she is still playing and doing well.

Something funny…

Did you buy that with real money?

With That…


3 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. On space marine I had more trouble with chapter 14 than anything else. Damn my old man reflexes.

  2. What happened to Bee? I had no idea she wasn’t blogging with you any more.

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