PvP and WoW

People say WoW PvP sucks, which after having fun with Warhammer PvP, and some other games they may have a point.

Here’s my point, for all the complaints, and whining sometimes I still have fun.  Let me give you a few scenarios from my PvP adventures as of late.

1. It was an Arathi Basin, me and a Forsaken Mage are duking it out one on one, both frost mages with kind of even out gear. Toe to toe, counterspells, and Ice lances flying. We both using every trick in the book. I won barely with a fire blast, and instant spell. It was a good showdown, and after much sweating it was good fun.

2. In a Warsong Gulch Match, Alliance was tied with Horde 2/2. and we both had the flag ready to be capped, we needed to find, and destroy the enemy flag carrier. A team of 3 people including me found the EFC, and though he was a tough cookie, we got him down. I captured the flag and we won after my team mate captured the flag.

3. In Mount Hyjal, A Dirty Warlock slapped a curse on me, I started to whip on him good, after an insta Frostfire Bolt, he laid dying. In which I promptly tea-bagged him.

4. Stealing Pally Wings is Pure Awesome, and makes me look like a shexy beast.

These are just some of the few times in recent history I really enjoyed myself in WoW PvP, No it’s not perfect…then again what game is. I think the point is to have fun, and people are still having fun, cause I know I still am. In other news I got a new PvP helm last night. I’m excited cause I look like a bad motha fooker.

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