Tales of a Healing Bitch – Mana Starved.

So I’m doing some PvP healing, and the biggest issue I have is Mana. I don’t know how my PvE counterparts are doing these days in terms of Mana. There was a day when Pallies never had Mana Issues.

Here are my theories as to why I have Mana issues.

1. I need to find more Mana efficient healing style for PvP – It’s easy to get a rotation down in PvE, but in PvP who fly by the seat of your pant’s more.

2. PvP gear sucks – Well at lower Ilevels it really does suck. With better gear I think I will have bigger mana pool.  

3. Not really enchanted/gemmed – No many gem slots or enchants on my gear. I figure the stuff I have on now isn’t going to stick around, why bother.

4. Lack of Resources – No really many resources on the PvP Holy Paladin, at least none I found lately, to give me tips and such.  

5. I suck – Maybe I just suck at healing, which is a possibility I may have to come to terms with.

2 Responses to “Tales of a Healing Bitch – Mana Starved.”

  1. I have not tried PVP healing but in PVE I cant spew mana like a siv if I am not careful. Like if I spaz out and just bubble everyone or cast my most expensive spell on 4 people who do not need it. I would think it would be even harder not to spaz out in PVP and heal really inefficiently.

  2. I’ve found I can only pvp heal with a druid, its much much easier imo

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