Weekly Lagout

Space Marine – I am so enjoying this game. I haven’t really sunk my teeth into the multiplayer yet, because the single player is so engrossing.

WoW – Just doing PvP really as a holding pattern for SWTOR.

WAR- Well I got a beta invite for Wrath of Heroes, I’m gonna check it out, but to be honest not a huge fan of these types of games. If I was I would be arenaing it up in WoW


The first salvo of the Pie War was shot today by Gank. Here at HLL though we respect other pies, we all know that Blueberry is the superior pie. You warm it up, slap some Vanilla Ice Cream on that mofo. Damn sir you got the Mila Kunis of Pies, and Sir Gank I pray tell that I heard from yon lady folk that if you eat more blueberries your man juice will taste better, thus upping your chance to attain said Mila.

High Latency Love –

Screaming Monkeys gets some love for his rants as of late are deliciously filled with venom, and hate. I love it. Thus he gets some love.

Something Funny-

Kenny Powers – NSFW but funny as hell.

With that…



2 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Ya, well I’m sure that before long we’ll be hearing from the apple contingent and the oft-misguided lemon crowd. Those bloody lemon-pie lovers are always a bit cranky…. probably all that sour fruit.

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