5 Things You’re Gonna See in Star Wars Roleplay

I have a feeling that the ugly head of the monster I call Roleplaying will not disappear when SWTOR comes out. In fact I feel that it will make a bit of a comeback, in that case I must prepare myself and you, my reader, for the future.

5 things you’ll see in Star Wars Roleplay.

1. Darth Vader Vampire Wanna Be’s – I fear the worse, that the vampire twilight jerkoffs will ruin my Sith.

2. More Men Wearing Slave Girl Outfits – Yea alot Girls in MMO’s are guys…but there are those that take it a little too far.

3. Cantina Erotic Role Play – My friend doesn’t want to bone you….I don’t want to bone you.

4. Elaborate Character Stories No One Gives A Shit About – Well not really the future, just more of it.

5. Sith and Jedi holding hands like Carebears – Can’t we all just get along? No, in fact we can’t.Now Shut the Hell Up, and Eat My Lightsaber!

3 Responses to “5 Things You’re Gonna See in Star Wars Roleplay”

  1. In SWG, without fail, the roleplay background would include parents being killed by the opposing faction. There were a whole lot of orphans out there.

  2. #1 makes me want to cry!

  3. I’m gonna role-play a half Wookie half werewolf for teh win. Just kidding, I would kick myself in the nuts before that would happen.

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