Space Marine Midnight Release

I went to one midnight release before, that was for the Burning Crusade of WoW. The Gamestop I went for that was busy as hell, and a bunch of my fellow WoW players gathered in excitement.

So for the Space Marine not exciting, and there was a girl with me, a friend who I went to see a movie with. 30 Minutes or Less was full of Meh. Anywho you would of thought I brought a unicorn to the shop. The nerds there came to a screeching halt, and looked at us…well her to be exact.  Hell it was creeping me out a little. So I paid my money, and we went to get something to eat, we had about 40 minutes to go.

We went to Wendy’s, and I had to put up with some joking around about my geekiness and such. I don’t think I should of revealed my tattoo was from this game called Warhammer. Anywho went back, was gonna go into the store, but I asked the girl if she wanted to come in she went, “I rather not”  I said, “What if some of these nerds attack”  She replied, “I think I can take most of these nerds, they should be afraid of me”  She does toss a pretty mean left hook.

So went in waited a few minutes, just not the same vibe, got my Space Marine game and got out. Unfortunately didn’t get to play it yet, way to tired, and I had to go to work.  No sick days taken for a single player game. I am looking forward to sinking my teeth in, and maybe making a Chaos marine for multiplayer.


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