We Are Wolves Among the Sheep

Wolfhead wrote an awesome little post about the death of MMO’s. He states that we are no longer given a choice about how we play in MMO’s. That the sense of adventure is gone. On many points I agree.

Then Spinks brought it to the level of Roleplaying, I don’t think thats what Wolfshead meant by his post, that role play is dead…but I do agree with the assumption that if it isn’t dead, it’s on its death bed….If i could strike the killing blow I would.  Spinks wonders why players in MMO’s are more interested in PvP, Achievements, etc…than crafting a story.

Objective-Based Players

I can only speak for myself, but being a player for years I do have a little background in well gaming. I am an objective based person. I set goals, and I conquer them. Ever since I was younger I played games to reach an objective, whether it was to sink a battleship, or pass Go to collect my 200 dollars.  The Overall Objective is to Win.

There are times when I explore, or do something a little out of the box, but there is always an objective…I’m going to get to the top of this mountain, or I’m going to do this old school dungeon try to get a mount.

There is no Win in MMO’s

Not really, but there are small victories. Such as destroying the boss, reaching an achievement, or crushing your opponent in PvP. These small victories fuel the fire of the players that suffer the same affliction as me. We want more, and more of it. That’s why you have progression raiders that are min-maxing everything, or PvPers that live in Battlegrounds. That’s why there are Arenas and Rated BG’s to feed our hunger. Winning is our drug, and MMO’s give it to us in small doses, and the more we win the more we need more wins. When we stop winning, we look elsewhere. Ever wonder why stagnant guilds fall apart?  Cause we like to win, and to quote the movie Talladega Nights, “If you ain’t first, you’re last”

Death of Roleplaying –

I believe Roleplaying should stay on the table top, don’t get me wrong I like roleplaying in general, but on a table top game that is one of the objectives to roleplay.  In an MMO, roleplay started as a sideline to the actual game, if it was a mainstay of the game why is there usually only one, at most a couple roleplay servers.  I think WoW is pretty much the only game left that foster Roleplay, and that in itself is dying.

Wolves Among Sheep

I propose a new archetype the Killer.  You have your Actor, who likes to live as the character, you have the Adventurer who like to explore, and create challenges for themselves. Then you have us…The Killers. Killers are like Adventurers on Crack. Who want to destroy everything in our path, to quote Conan, “To crush our enemies” whether they be Virtual or another Player.

Our appetite is voracious thus games like World of Tanks, League of Legend, the New Warhammer game Wrath of Heroes sprung up, we just want to destroy, we don’t want to develop a story. Like a plague of locusts we sweep across the land destroying and devouring all that see.  To win we will do what must be done, farm battlegrounds, enter an instance 1000 times, spend gold by the millions.

When I first started MMO’s in Dark Ages of Camelot, I didn’t get up at 3am on a Sunday to take part of a storyline, I woke up to take a relic, and crush my enemies.  

The Sheep

The problem with Roleplayers is they are sheep, they mill about. Follow one another like a sick cult.  They don’t know how to speak up, or defend themselves when Wolves attack. So when Wolves scream “Death to Roleplay” they huddle in the corner taking the stance of they are holier than though. That the way we play games is wrong, that they are the last bastion of the MMOs.  I think alot of them are antisocial, they just want to be left alone, and play their little stories out.  Unfortunately like society, an MMO you have to deal with other people….some of those people only care about being winners.

Are MMO’s Dyeing?

Not quite, but they are in serious danger. I think SWTOR will be the death knell if it fails to meet the expectations. Sad thing is alot of MMO’ers are putting their eggs in this basket, and if it doesn’t live up to the hype we’re going to be eating alot of omelettes.  I think alot of players are like me, and that we want to win.

I think the point I’m trying to make is that the dynamics of this industry is changing, sometimes change can be good. The old school MMO’s don’t like this, I don’t blame them.  Sometimes I miss the good old days….but then when that screen pops up says “Alliance Wins”  then I don’t feel so bad anymore.

4 Responses to “We Are Wolves Among the Sheep”

  1. Since you are also the guys who make the community in LoL so charming, could you not just stay there? 🙂

  2. Now, I’ll be the first person to tell you that RPing holds no interest for me (I just don’t “get it”, I suppose), so I’m speaking from a stance of neutrailty. But that’s a pretty generalistic view you’re taking of Roleplayers there, Rivs. I don’t think you can condense a section of the MMO population into one stereotype of “sheep”.

    And on the flip side, I don’t think it’s fair for RPers to suggest “achievers” need to GTFO of their games and go play TF2 or SC2, either. If you want tolerance, that goes both ways.

    • To elaborate, there are specific servers for the two most polarizing portions of a player base – PvP and RPers. People who roll on those servers should expect to play by those rules and be held accountable.

      Trying to push those gamestyles on others in regular servers is likely – and rightfully, IMO – draw some ire.

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