Fantasy Football. Even some of the most manliest guys partake of this activity which I think is pretty damn geeky. You have a bunch of grown men pretending they own a team, and do virtual battle against each other. Sometimes even using websites and such.  The great thing the guys that do it don’t think of it as geeky, but when I told this girl about it she thought it was some homosexual gathering.

I assure you this is pretty geeky, and I enjoy it immensely. I use to play football in high school, and some college, and this is kind of a blending of my two worlds.  In past years I was even in a league with a guild I was in, we all put up 1000 gold. I did absolutely horrible.

I am excited for this year because I’m in a league with two of my best friends, and one of my best friends brother,  I love to have some bragging rights this year.

So this year I hope to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentation of the women.

8 Responses to “ThurGeekery”

  1. Awesome. Didn’t realize you are a football fan as well, rivs. I played and coach now. And, of course, partake in fantasy. We just had our 2.5 hour raid- I mean draft last night. It’s sometimes funny how similar those two areas of my life are…

    • Oh yea, Huge Football nut. Get any good players?

      I love doing odd things…I remember in one league, I did the unthinkable I drafted two defenses which no one ever did before in that league, and they scoffed at me. I won it two years in a row. I miss that league. But I love thinking outside the box, sometimes it pays off…sometimes it doesn’t.

      My nutty decision this year will be Cedric Benson, I think he’s highly underated this year with the court thing going on. He’s a solid performer.

    • I’m skipping an entire night of Rag pulls to go to my live draft. I have first pick this year … I HATE picking first. Then I have to wait til like the 24th pick to get my second player.

      You know what’s worse than losing? Losing to a girl! /flex
      Oh yeah, you know I rub it in.

      • Wait your a girl??? Didn’t know that.

        I think we got a sign on the door of our league, No girls allowed 😛

  2. I hate fantasy football… Yet I’m in a league every year. It really ruins watching games on Sunday because I always end up rooting for players instead of teams. Then I get mad when I lose. Still, there is some kind of gamblers thrill to the whole thing that brings me back each year.

  3. My boyfriend’s friends have a league going and I was asked to join. I don’t particularly care for football (or any sports for that matter) but I do know how to play and know about the sport. To be silly I named my team “Sparkles and Butterflies.”

    I’m hoping that I do really good just so the name is even funnier 😀

  4. I love me so Fantasy Sports, as well. I dig football, but my true passion is fantasy baseball.

    As for Cedric Benson, I think you’re not going to like the results there. Cincy is a horrbile football team (I know, I’m from just across the river in Northern KY originally) and teams will stack the box against them until Dalton can prove he can throw. Which is going to be a real challenge with a young WR corps and no offensive line.

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