Let the Healing Begin

So I decided lets do this Holy Pally thing. I healed in Dark Ages of Camelot for years, so how bad can I be, my only limitation is gear, mine really sucks. So I fixed my mess up, got right spec, action bars, glyphs, I also got Vuhdu mod.

I decided to hit the Battlegrounds first, figure get a little better gear via honor points. I really had fun healing in the battlegrounds, standing back,  healing my team mates, and have them protect me like the princess..err. I mean helluva guy that I am.

I have my Vuhdu set to divine light on left click, and cleanse right. I followed the ABC rule, Always Be Casting. If I didn’t have anyone to heal, I would holy shock an enemy.  I didn’t too bad, I was always top 5, usually 3rd or 4th best healer.  I know I have ALOT to learn, and I need to step in do some PvE as well.  Overall I think it will be fun.

Problems I have right now in the Battlegrounds …

1. Situational Awareness – I have to keep my head on a swivel. 

2. Cooldowns – When to use what, and where.

3. Healing Priorities – Who should get the heals first.

4. The Oh Shit Buttons – When crap hits the fans what to do.

5. Gear – I always hunger for more.

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