A Moment of Stupidity

So I’m going Holy Pally. I get some descent starter gear, I’m psyched I switched my off spec to Holy. I have to go somewhere so I log.

I come back a little later, I buy, and plan my glyphs, I switch them out. I then started setting up my action bars…heals…set…wait…where the heck is my beacon of light…I looked everywhere in my spell book, maybe I didn’t train something, talked to the trainer, nope all trained up.

Huh? So I think about it…..OH HELL NO. I logged out in Prot Spec, and when I logged in I didn’t go back to Holy.  Ugh I got to fix my Prot Spec now too.

I just logged back out feeling like such a noob, I logged in my Shaman and Killed things fast with my heirloom Arcanite Reaper Hotness…


One Response to “A Moment of Stupidity”

  1. Victoriafr Says:

    Haha! During season 9 I bought Conquest wrists for Retribution… Which I ofc didn’t notice until I had gemmed and all… Woo-fucking-hoo. Imagine one angry holy pally :p But it came in handy as I ditched the PvE holy-spec and went for Ret instead, not that I’m taking advantage of my off-spec – ever.

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