Weekly Lagout

WoW – Just changing some things up, trying new things.  Gonna try Holy Pally for a bit, and see how that goes.

Space Marine – Played the Demo, awesome game just waiting for release in a couple weeks.

SWTOR – I heard may have a huge announcement at PAX, we’ll see.

High Latency Love –

Kiss my Alas – My newest guild leader, yeah ass kissing never hurts, but her blog is pretty awesome. She took a break, and now’s she’s back and refreshed like a moistened wipe. Where’s my Arcane mage post damn it?!?!

Bossy Pally has a nice little post for Holy Paly gear, that looks real good and will help me… alot

So show some love to these peeps please.

Something Funny…

Yeah the being online thing that Blizzard wants you to do…I’ve been online since about 2001.

With that…





One Response to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Been playing (well not any more) a Holy Paladin for 6 years. Tried many other classes, had 4 level 80’s at one point. Nothing else really comes close!

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