Eff That!

So I took my Pally over to Azuremyst-US, PvE server *shutters*, and I joined the guild Eff the Ineffable.  I also decided to take my Pally in a direction I seldom go. I made him a Holy Paladin. Now I have to get some gear, and learn to Heal.

I’m no stranger to healing, I played a healer for two years in Dark Ages of Camelot until I got burnt out on healing. I never seriously healed in any other game because of that burn out. Now I have healed on my pally before in 5 man regular dungeons in Wrath to level up, but that’s about it.

So I’m excited over this new direction, I need tips and where to find good gear so if you are a Holy Pally feel free to lend me som 4-1-1.

Also excited about my new Dwarf Shaman, I never leveled a Shaman it will be interesting.

Now I am not leaving Stands in Bad, my guild on Azgalor, I’ll still be rocking the Fail Mage there, where I’ll try to be getting some gear to help out with Raids. Still don’t know if I’ll head back to serious raiding or not, but it will be nice to be there to help if need be.

Despite all the doom sayers, and people leaving WoW, I’m still having fun, and looking forward to doing a few things.


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