Conan to me is an Icon of Geekdom. Arnold screaming Crom, or what is best in life. So when they decided to remake Conan, I was leary at best, disgusted at worst.

I had to give it the benefit of the doubt, and see it for myself. I did, though on it’s own it would make a descent sword and sorcery movie, in the vein of Kull, but this is Conan. I expected more.

I think part of the problem is the villians in the movie, the great thing about the original Conan was it had the Iconic James Earl Jones as the villian, oh man his lines were great…”Contemplate that on the tree of woe” Still rings in my head to this day. I think a movie like this is only as good as it’s villians, and in this movie it’s a menagerie of mediocrity.

I didn’t even see any homage to the original movies which is most heinous, and Conan not screaming Crom is most heinous. You can reboot something, but please remember where you came from, fricking Star Trek is one of the few movies that did it right, and The Hulk with Ed Norton.

Like I said, take out Conan, and insert another name I probably wouldn’t of hold to the high standards I do. If your not a Conan fan, but like sword and sorcery movies best to wait for this one on video, if you are a Conan fan, avoid it…You’ll go into fits of Nerd Rage. It’s so bad it makes the Conan the Destroyer seem pretty good.

I also saw it in 3D, meh…I’m not crazy about 3D bullshit, and hate this fad.

But I have to leave you with a Classic line from the original movie. “Conan what is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women”

So True, it’s the simple things.

6 Responses to “ThurGeekery”

  1. It was really cool hearing him say Lamentations in his accent too. Excellent acting! I just saw the original on AMC the other night.

  2. My favorite part of the movie was when he was a kid and had to bring the egg back; totally baddass he brought their heads back and spit the egg on the ground.

  3. I heard it was getting bad reviews, but I figure movies like these always do. I think I’ll still watch it at some point, but I’ll know not to expect that much.

  4. I loved the original Conan, so much so i’ve seen it over a dozen time over the years. I love sword, fantasy and sorcery movies and this reboot of Conan didn’t draw me in. Didn’t want to go see it and have to nerd rage seeing it after spending ten bucks at the movies as well 3D movie gimmick which i hate as well. So i passed seeing it.

    I kinda wished that they made a movie for “Conan the King” when Conan was maybe older on in his years as King and still have Arnold in it as King since he is older as well at this point. Oh well.

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