2 Games, 1 Cup

So last night I downloaded the Space Marine Demo. It has two missions on there.  Holy Shit was it awesome, hacking and slashing with my chainsword, shooting Orks in the face, and using the Jump Pack to rain death upon my foes. The graphics, the feel, the music everything was pure awesome. Ok yes I’m a huge fanboy, but I urge you go to Space Marine website, sign up and try the demo yourself.  Let me know what you think. If I had one complaint, and I just have one at this time…The camera angle sometimes gets a little janky, but that’s usually around tight corners.

After I played it, I went to the World of Warcraft. PvP’d a bit, and it was one of those days, Alliance couldn’t do shit right.  Ohh guildies doing instances. Hey who is this mage, stealing my thunder…Oh it’s Alas from Kiss My Alas. and Ataraxaven from Eff the Ineffable.  It was real nice grouping up with people and actually talking to some peeps on WoW. Usually since my return to Stands in Bad, I just keep to myself, and PvP. I pipe in occassionally to aggravate our guild leader, or crack a joke.  So when I get a chance to play with some guildies it’s a treat for me….I don’t know if it’s such a treat for them.  Toss in the fact I got faction rep, guild rep, and some justice points…holla.

I might make an alt on Effs to join them…I’m thinking Warlock LOL!

One Response to “2 Games, 1 Cup”

  1. Love the Pic as always!

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