Only Thing I Raid Is the Fridge

Fuzz asked me if I ever was going to raid. He knew I was working on it at one time, and he was curious about my status. Let me give you a bit of history about me and raiding.

I started raiding Molten Core, we would put in 4-5 days a week in, then we moved onto Blackwing Lair, then to AQ 40 when Burning Crusade hit, we did everything except Black Temple. Wrath came about it found me with new friends, and new guilds I ended up raiding with the Brotherhood of Oblivion. That was the end of my raiding days.

Every day I waffle back and forth if I want to get serious about raiding, but there’s several reasons why I don’t

1. Man of My Word – I loathe when I sign up for a Raid, and something comes down the pike and I can’t make it. I would rather not sign up.

2. Time –  It seems like I don’t have enough these days.  Everything has been sucking out my gaming time from work, to girls, and I don’t know about you but Vagina > Raids any day of the week.

3.  Gear Grind – I get going, then for some reason I get frustrated, and putter out. Must be the ADD kicking in.

4. PvP type person – I enjoy PvEing with guildies alot, but it’s just I enjoy ripping faces off, and making people QQ more. 

5. Raid equals More Drama – No one bothers me when I’m just PvPing casually. Seems like when I use to Raid there was a drama of the week, over some shitty reason.

6. If the Guild needs me – If they need me, I’ll rise to the occasion…if not I won’t be putting in my usual stellar effort. Just keep on…keeping on.

7. SWTOR – How committed do I want to get, when a game I know I’ll be leaving for is on the horizon.

8. Lazy – I just am, can’t help it I got teleports

One Response to “Only Thing I Raid Is the Fridge”

  1. Yep, same reasons I don’t raid and basically quit WoW. I often wonder how committed I want to get to any game given all those factors, including the big one coming up soon. That said, I got into the SWTOR beta last week. All I can really say w/o breaking an NDA is DAMN I’M GLAD I PRE-ORDERED ALREADY! 🙂

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