When I was growing up there was one cartoon I thirsted more than the other. Sure I loved all the Tom and Jerry’s, and Woody Woodpecker cartoons, but this was like my Dallas of Cartoons. The Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon was one of my favorites.  I won’t go into my love for Dungeons and Dragons here, but I fell in love with it at an early age, and here was a cartoon based on it. Awesome

I think my favorite episode was when there was a  mage named Kelric that rode on top of a wolf, and stole Unicorn horns. In fact I love Kelric so much, that’s why I play mages alot in my games. Evil Wizards just plain rock.

After all these years I hope someone would remake, or bring back this franchise I really enjoyed it though Venger was cool, they should remake him without the dress…just saying.


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