That’s not me Roleplaying

Some one asked me, “Are you roleplaying a Sith?”  I replied, “No, I’m really an asshole in real life”  I’m probably the closest thing to being a Sith in real life that you can be, without actually being a Sith, Let me explain.

1. Only a Sith deals in absolutes.  – I am an idealist, as an idealist I have clear notions of good, and bad and other ideals. Sometimes with me there is no middle ground.

2. Peace is a lie – I have a tattoo of Chaos on my shoulder, and I always say there is no rest for the wicked.

3. Power Hungry – Why do you think I went into Computers, there is power there. People keep secrets on their computers, and phones. You have control over their secrets, you have power over them.

4. Evil is a point of view – Life is all about perception, and what is evil for you, may just be good for me. I also align myself with evil, because it allows you to be free, and to explore things being good doesn’t allow you to explore.

5. I am not a Hypocrite – Alot of people say they are good, and behind closed doors they do more depraved things, then I could even imagine.

6. Generous when it suits my purpose – I am a generous person when you are my good side, and a vicious monster when  you are on my bad side.  The Emperor helps Anakin Skywalker, and even revives him. Sure for his own purposes but he still saved the guys life.

7. I know the value of strength –  Being a big guy, and a bouncer giving a show of force, or strength sometimes wins the day. Through Strength, comes power.

Sure I’m not going to be walking all over the place slicing people down, but I’m sure as hell going to be doing that in game. Fear will be my ally.

One Response to “That’s not me Roleplaying”

  1. One word: Cool.

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