Weekly Lagout

It comes early, but I’ll be busy with work until the wee hours of the night. Some of the pleasures of IT, most of the time I’m just watching bars go across the screen, or perusing logs for hot girls looking for lesbian porn, and other times I have to actually work.

WoW – Well I decided to dedicate myself to killing others. Still rocking the Arcane, and having fun. I took a break from Fireland Dailies, they are devouring what little soul I have left.

WAR- Rocking the Chosen still, and gotta say still having a good time.

High Latency Love –

One man get’s love today…at least I think he’s a man, but he writes like a girl.

He had the balls to strike back, and I admire that. He wrote about how great Warlocks are, and something about my great journalistic integrity.   Fulguralis over at Killing’Em Slowly wrote a pretty scathing article about me…check it out.  

Actually it had me cracking up, and that’s why he gets the love all to himself today. He also gets me, I don’t consider myself a journalist at all, but just some schmuck who likes video games, and tries to entertain people for a few minutes each day. If you take what I say with any sort of seriousness, then maybe you just don’t understand what High Latency Life means, it means despite in a sledgepool of suckness, we still laugh and have fun.

Oh and Fulgaralis, I ain’t done with you yet…Muhahahaha….Muhahahahaa….Muhahahaha.

Something Funny…

Mitch Hedburg may have gone, but his comedy is still awesome.

With that….


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