Check Yo Self Fools

So last night I decided no more Heroics for the Mage, I’m going to go straight PvP.  I slapped on the PvP gear, by the way PvP hat Bloodthirsty something something, looks horribad. A little like Orko from He-Man.  Anyway being called Frostscourge, I rocked the Frost spec, but after awhile got a little bored.

I decided to try my Arcane Spec, I loved it.

1. Slow – One of the most awesomest spells ever. I was slowing flag carriers left and right, and then grinding people to death as they slow walked torwards me.

2. Arcane Barrage – A decent mobile spell, plus it procs Arcane Missile.

3. Arcane Blast – If I’m allowed to my own devices, I kill mofoes quickly.

I know…I know…Frost for PvP, but I don’t care I’m just having fun with it. I love PoM’ing a Polymorph on someone. I wonder if there’s an Arcane PvP spec out thats decent?  I suck at Fire spec in general but one day I want to try it out. 

Bottomline I love PvPing so I hope for some good fun, but WoW PvP is like being a crack whore, and keep banging my head on the headboard. but you can’t complain because you knew it would happen , and you asked for it

7 Responses to “Check Yo Self Fools”

  1. You ever thought about trying Rift?

    • I have played it, I have a level 40ish mage, the PvP there was on par to WoW, and why would I want to play another WoW.

  2. I am kinda curious how good Arcane is to level with.. I mean everything procs Arcane Missiles… so it seems that the Arcane spec would boost the missiles and you would have some pretty powerful leveling going on…

    • I actually leveled a mage with Arcane back in the day, make sure you have a shit ton of stamina, I use to load of with “of the Eagle” Gear which did, but otherwise things died quick one on one, When you had alot of mobs it got rough when they were same level as you.

  3. I was never that good at pvp but I always found arcane to be the most fun as a mage. It just seems like there is more variety. Plus the spells look cooler!

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