Why Mages are better than Warlocks 2.0

A while back I made a post about the reasons Mages are just way more awesome than Warlocks. Well it’s been awhile, and the Warlocks are getting uppity again, so lets put them back in their place….which so happens to be the place their trainers usually are at. The dark bowels of the city.

6 Reasons why Mages are better than Warlocks.

6. Don’t have to deal with stupid Demon names – Saw an Imp called Fgwyp, how do you even say that?

5. Teleports/Portals – Walking/Tram/Blimp/Boat are all for peasants and suckers. Plus it also means you can find a sucker to pay you gold to send them to a town. What the hell is a hearthstone by the way.

4. Free Food/Water – Free is one of thee best words in the English Language….you don’t want to know what I think the other words are.

3. Time Warp – Screw Shamans with their Totems. plus we can sing that stupid song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show over Vent.

2. Invisibility – Dyeing is so Vanilla.  Nothing I like doing more is when shit hits the fan, and I hit that Invisibility, and then come back and just wait for everyone to come back, with a shittier durability. Yea that’s a shame.

1. Teleports/Portal – They are just that awesome, I listed them again.

One Response to “Why Mages are better than Warlocks 2.0”

  1. I agree. I took a break from playing my Mage cause it was just too easy!

    Teleports, free food… plus a jewelcrafter/enchanter?

    Can anyone say, “mo money ..mo money…Mo Money!”

    Decided to slum it for a while on a Shammy 🙂

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