Save the Drama For Your Mama

A fellow blogger posted something about Blogosphere drama, and if anyone around here knows about blogosphere drama, it would be me.

Here’s a little history a bigger named blogger ripped a fellow blogger to shreds, so much so she quit for a time. I found it outrageous, and an act of a bully. So stirred the hornet’s nest, and went to war. Then came the feminists, they didn’t like the way I was doing things either, so I went to war.

I’m not going to lie to people, unlike those who say they don’t like drama, yet seem to always are the people who are in drama, I like drama. Conflict, drama, arguing, what every you want to call it, I actually do like it, and actually think it livens things up.

Why do I like Drama?

1. A little Chaos is good – From Chaos comes knowledge I have always said, you learn alot about yourself and others through the chaotic parts of your life.

2. Learn things – You learn things when you’re in a fight, depending what type  a fight, the lesson may be different.

3. Releases Pent Up Frustrations – Gets things out more in the open, instead of people talking behind your back.

4. Find out who your friends are – The ones who side with you, and not the enemy.

5. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose – Despite those woosy baseball teams in little league, telling little Johnny he’s a winner, even when they lost every game. Sometimes you lose, and in losing you learn alot of things.

 I must tell you, there is a difference of being in drama, and starting. One should never really start anything unless one is ready for the consequences, and as someone once told me “Words have consequences.” 

Kind of a long way to get to my point here, and there is a point. In the post, my friend says that bloggers don’t like open comments, which isn’t true. I love open comments, I pride myself that I never edit, or delete comments, except once when the author of the comment, knew he crossed the line, apologized, and ask to have his comment removed.  (Making fun of my stepdad who was a stroke victim.)

Bottomline, I think sometimes you need to stand up for yourself, the people you care about, and what you believe in. If that’s considered drama so be it.

8 Responses to “Save the Drama For Your Mama”

  1. Life is PvP.

    Who doesn’t like open comments? I’m down for any comments, even when the commenter wants to make me look like a jackass. I have even recently totally opened up my comments completely. I had been worried about spam but meh, I get so few comments that I think I’ll be ok just going in and deleting spam if it makes it past the filters, usually it doesn’t.

    As bloggers we put ourselves in the public eye and sometimes what we say may not be popular. Most of the time it’s just ignored.

    Usually we just have to have tough skin and let a lot of things slide. Sometimes though we make good friends that keep us going even when we just want to put one finger on each hand up and walk away.

    Keep up the good fight Rivs.

  2. Sometimes the little blogger is a whiny drama queen. So stand up for yourself, sure, but don’t stand up for random internet fragile flowers is my motto.

    • theerivs Says:

      Your hate Makes you powerful. LOL! Actually if we are talking about the same person, she didn’t whine at all. I was the one who took up the banner. As for the standing up for fragile flowers it’s what I do best, in this life, and virtual life.

      But meh, that fight is over, and for one of my arch-enemies, they hardly ever blog these days, RP is nearly dead, I like to claim victory. 🙂

  3. When I do it, I’m just being passionate.
    When others do it, it’s drama.

    (Do I really need to state that was sarcasm? Well, I hereby so state.)

    Nothing wrong with a little drama now and then. It’s when it’s done for its own sake (or in some bid for attention) that I just yawn and flip the channel.

    As for comments… I’m lucky. 99.99% of the people who comment on my blog are smarter and/or at least as interesting as I am (when I bother to post). The rest is all pr0n spam, which is the only reason there’s a moderation queue. But hey, if you need some te3n l0lita pix links, I can sure hook you up. 😉

  4. I agree completely with you here.

    When the whole Cranky/Anna thing exploded, there were only a few of us who did stand up for what we believed in (I was blogging at The View Through The Branches at the time).

    I was proud to be one of those because to me it wasn’t drama, I was just standing up for what I believed in and for a cause I thought was just.

  5. Thanks for the link back =) I guess I should amend my statement to ‘most bloggers’ instead of all. Not everyone is like you Riv, some people are delicate snowflakes that are waiting to fall off the cracker at the slightest bit of disagreement.

    …wait that analogy doesn’t really work. Whoops!

    • Analogy makes perfect sense to me…then again I’m insane. Seriously though if your going to put yourself out there, you need a little thicker skin…or a bigger bat.

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