What Else Do You Want To Talk About?

When I started High Latency Life, I wanted not just a site about MMO games, which pretty much what it devolved to, cause well that’s alot about what I like to do.  I wanted a hub almost of geekery, a forum if you will of all things geek…even if I don’t get into a subject like Anime, which I do enjoy, but I’m not a fanatic, nor am I an expert.

A friend of mine said I should do more about movies, and TV shows, thus Thurgeekery was born, where I try to talk about movies, and tv shows.

This is where I open the mic so to speak, and get your opinions, and feedback. What do you want to see more of?  How am I doing? What could I do different? Do you want to post a blog post of your own feel free to let me know via email cc0926(at)gmail(dot)com. Are you sick of my pictures of half naked chicks? Too bad. LOL!

As for the future of HLL, I don’t know, I’ve been winging it the last 3 years. Oh in case your wondering that is a picture of a drunk me with an orange in my mouth, and whipped cream on my face. Why is it here, cause it symbolizes how far I will go for a laugh…and that’s pretty far.

3 Responses to “What Else Do You Want To Talk About?”

  1. The only pictures I’m sick of are the half naked trannys that you kindly point out WAY after the fact, are indeed trannys. I was not trained at a young age to check for an adams apple or a bunch of grapes like some other people around here. So yeah, stop doing that, and keep doing the things you already do. Oh, and for a weekly feature, you should do Tits of the Week, or Boobs and Boobs. Basically some sexy non-trannys with some dumbass being a dumbass. Really, it’s what the internet is for.

  2. I read your blog off and on for a few months (I’ve never played WoW so a lot of it I couldn’t relate to) but over the last several months I find myself really looking forward to the weekly lagout….. It’s like some kind of insidious addiction. By Friday afternoon I’ll even get a bit pissed if its late (and late is by whatever time I feel I’d like to read it): “Where the hell is my lagout!” will pop into my head. Grumble, grumble.

    I’m not really sure what I could say I’d like more, or less of. I enjoy reading your blog so I guess more of the same, really. There’s nothing wrong with winging it…god knows I do a lot of that!

  3. Bump what Grimnir said, except the part about the tranny’s, they remind me of Scarybooster so keep them in.

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