No Good Can Come Of This

When I heard Blizzard will be making an Auction House in Diablo 3 where you can buy in-game items from other players for real money, even gold so I heard through the grapevine, I was in shock.  I think this is thee worst idea to come from Blizzard since the Sparkly Pony. Why?

1. It promotes Botting, and Chinese Farmers – If you can get 100 dollars for a sword, wouldn’t you be farming the hell out of it.

2. It promotes Hacking of Accounts- Don’t we have enough hackers trying to get our stuff

3. It promotes Ninjas – People going to steal more if they can.

Also if I sell something for 100 dollars let’s say, What’s Blizzard’s cut going to be? I wonder.

Another thing that is getting to me are those damn Fireland dailies, I had an Argent Tournament flashback, and had a seizure. Thank God for Warhammer, booted it up, and crushed some Order Scum, and let off some steam.


9 Responses to “No Good Can Come Of This”

  1. I’m surprised you aren’t using the MF dailies as a way to gank people constantly.

  2. 1. The focus for auctioneers will still be ingame gold because this can be directly be sold for real cash. I think the gold market will fluctuate at first but this will rise after the initial herd of buyers passes by. If you don’t want to use the real money auction house there’s always hardcore mode. Utilise tactics learnt in WoW and use them in the D3 gold auction house.
    2. Hacking of accounts will increase I give you that but make sure you grab a nicely generated password you even can’t remember and keep it somewhere save or memorize it. Secondly the authenticator really helps a lot. Get one if you haven’t already. Else make some cash trough the real money auction house (you got several free listings every week to get you started) and order an authenticator with that.
    3. You can set up your own server where only your friends can join so only if you got ninja’s as friends it doesn’t matter that much.

    Blizzard has already announced the cut they take is a low standard one that doesn’t grow with the amount you ask for an item. See it as the base 30 cents paypal charges you.

    Hope this helps,

    (coming back for diablo 3 OMG)

    • theerivs Says:

      Thanks Sham!

      You made some awesome points, I think it’s just idea of bringing real money into the mix scares alot of people including myself.

  3. Oddly enough, the introduction of a cash auction house has actually made me more interested in joining the Diablo franchise. If I could scrape up enough to pay for my WoW sub it would be awesome.

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