Gamesday Warhammer Online News

Others have posted the technical stuff way better than I could. Like Artiee recorded it. Gar Transcribed it. Werit, and Bootae went over it.

Me I’m just going to give my over all impressions.

I was first one there.  This one guy was setting up, and I was talking to these other two guys.  We had a huge laugh at a new ability Squigherders will have called “What the Fungus” it allows them to fly, and their arrows shoot more arrows, and nuke an area.

Turns out the guy setting up was producer of Warhammer Online, James Casey, and the two guys I was talking to was Steven Engle, a designer. and Will Austin, an artist.  My first impression was that these guys were just laid back, cool dudes like most gamers I met. I envision producers being bossy, and micro managers.  Mr. Casey was setting his own stuff up, which blew my mind.

Mr. Casey went through his spiel, where you can check on my friend’s sites for more info. Things I’m looking for.

Forts are back, and Relics make a come back into this game – I had good memories, and lack of sleep with relics in DAOC, I hope it brings more Open RvR back.

New Armor – At least for the Chosen, it’s so different. I really don’t know if I like it or not…..It has me confused…in a good way, not in a bad way when that old guy at the mall touched me…moving on.

Tzeentch Familiar – What can I say I like Demons.

Some usage of unused assets – Sylvania puhleeze, and some Land of Dead scenarios…inside a huge pyramid would be cool .

When the Q&A hit, there was this angry person who went on the attack. I was totally shocked and angry. I would have told him to go fuck off myself. Mr. Casey was alot nicer then I would have been but he was honest, and upfront. It takes alot of resources to create a new race, and new content like that.

Something else got me excited there were some people saying they were new subscribers. New Blood in a game where everyone thought was dying is a real good thing.

Well I’m looking forward to my 3am Relic Raid with my Chosen, and downing a gallon of caffeine, and when I see something off the wall, I’ll scream “What the Fungus” over vent.

I would like to thank the people over at Mythic trying to do the best they can, with what they got. You know what it really feels like we are all kind of in this together. I may take a step back once in a while, but here I am back into the fold, swinging my Chosen’s axe, because no matter what WAR has the most fun PvP I ever played, hands down.

P.S. I need some more Nurgle stuff though, maybe a set of armor that looks Nurgle inspired. 🙂 



One Response to “Gamesday Warhammer Online News”

  1. scarybooster Says:

    Awesome write up. I’ll keep my eyes open for anything that might get me interested. Right now I see good stuff, but nothing to pull me back in. I only made it to level 28

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