Games Workshop:Gamesday Recap

Well Saturday I went to Games Day. It was very interesting, and I really enjoyed myself.

So I walk in, and it’s not as crowded as I thought it would be which I was a little bummed out about. A good thing was there was alot of younger kids playing which is great news, it means fresh blood in the hobby.

I don’t have any pictures for you, I didn’t develop them yet. I’ll have them next week, I still got some pictures left on the camera. Yes I don’t use digital, I don’t really like the quality of digital pictures, it’s almost too clear. It’s like people who like Vinyl over digital. I know, I’m weird.

First thing I checked out was THQ’s display of Space Marine, here’s a video from the event I was at.  I played Retribution,  I was enthralled, and can’t wait for this game. Then I played Space Marine…Holy Shit. This game looks HOT! Plays HOT!  I told a THQ guy I had a nerd boner! I can’t wait to really sink my teeth into.  Walking around this display they had a huge Khornite Space Marine walking around. You’ll see him in the video. I admit, I’m not gay, but I would totally blow him.  Nothing about the MMO they are working on which made me a sad camper, and no fricking Chaos shirt in 5x…BULLSHIT!

Next thing I did was paint and take. They gave you either a Space Marine, or Goblin and let you take home your creation. GOD my painting skills are rusty, and my hands are way shaky. Damn all the booze I drank in my lifetime! I mean I had a Black Legion army back in the day, but black with a little yellow aint that hard. I tried to make my first Plague Marine.  Yeah it sucked, but I still had some fun.

I walked around and watched the gaming, and really got excited, man wish I had my own army here to crush some opponents.  They had a cannon there you could fire, and some really awesome displays, and people in costumes. I headed over to the store. Oh hell no. Gav Thorpe, CL Werner, Nick Kyme, and Mike Lee were there. Oh man these Authors of Warhammer/Warhammer 40k books are my heroes. I bought some books for them to sign. I was like a gushing schoolgirl. I wanted to say so much, but I was dumbstruck. I was able to mutter out a few questions to CL Werner on how to break into writing for the Black Library, he was very gracious and very cool.  These guys really bring to life the Warhammer universe, and to me that’s pretty damn cool.

I also got an awesome Tshirt from the event they had it in 5x, what can I say I’m a big guy. Which is purely awesome. On the front there’s a writing on it, and a symbol, I believe it’s from the Inquisition, I’m not sure. I’m not up on their lore. But it starts something, “To the Darkness, I bring Fire” , and on the back a Gamesday logo.

After that I went to some Seminars which two of them I will go into more detail in the next couple days. First one was for Fantasy Flight Games, They talked about their upcoming Role Playing Game called Black Crusade. Wait I can roleplay a Chaos Space Marine…Hell mother fucking yes. Ok I’ll get into this later, and it will contain some more about this, and my relationship with role playing. Let’s just say Scary wasn’t off the mark.

Next I went to the Mythic Seminar. I had a great time there, and I’ll get into more of it tomorrow. Lets just say, some interesting stuff they are working on, and I give them much credit. I am reupping my subscription because these guys are really into trying to their best, with the limited resources at their disposal.  I felt bad for them, cause there was a real jerk in the audience, but the Producer James Casey handled it really well. Artiee was there, he even bugged the room, I think I can here me fwapping in the back ground. Here’s his post. I’ll get into it more tomorrow.

Last Seminar I went to was they were hiring managers for their stores at Games Workshop. Starting Salary was a little too low for me, I love me some Warhammer, but alas I love money more. One thing they said in there though that stuck with me is, “We are the Harley Davidson of toy soldiers” 

 Well it was a great time, and I’ll definately go again. Here’s another video from the event. Enjoy.

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