Weekly Lagout

This is the 100th Weekly Lagout – You win Nothing…and like it!

WoW- Well I’ve been working on the Firelands Dailies, it’s seeping out the will to play this game very quickly. The only thing that keeps me fired up is the Horde are being jagoffs, and keep trying to kill me. I’ll get them, and their little dog too.

Gamesday – It’s Saturday, and I’m uber excited about it.

I might resub to WAR, or might try something else if WoW starts getting on my nerves.

High Latency Love-

Scary got a new revamped website…called Scary Worlds. Check it out…NOW! BEFORE I GO ALL SAMUAL JACKSON UP IN HERE!

It’s been awhile I gotta give some love to Creep the Prophet,  one of the few people still blogging about Fallen Earth. I hope I get to play some SWTOR with her. 😉 Plus I’m loving the new banner, check it out at Creeping.

Also a guildie of mine who goes by the name Fuzzbutt put an awesome post about gear optimization, so check him out at Warcraft of the Worlds.

Show them all some love, biotches.

Something Funny…

Female Armor Sucks…

With that…


One Response to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. scarybooster Says:

    SCARY WORLDS RULZ… O’Doyal out!

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