Games Workshop: Gamesday Chicago

As you all may know, or not know I’m a huge Warhammer nerd, yes I used to field an army a long time ago. So long ago my army has been lost in the serveral moves since I played. I still love the lore, and the game itself. Just never really had the time to sit down and paint another army, or invest in finding worthy foes. Once I move yet again, I will be making a little area for myself to devote back to this hobby, because I want to get a hobby which steps away from the computer a bit.  I actually liked the Warhammer Online game, and a part of me still does. Nothing like the Inevitable City, the screams are like music to my ears.  I also read their novels religious, and ravenously.  Hardcore? I even have the Black Legion tattoo on me.

So when I heard Gamesday was coming up, I had a total Nerdgasm. I signed up to try to get some Press Passes, I hope I score. Somethings I look forward to is talking to the THQ guys about Space Marine, and their War 40k MMO.  I’m excited to see if Mythic has some announcements. I hope to meet some of the authors, and hopefully sign my books.

I feel it’s going to be a great day tomorrow, if you are going tomorrow, and want to meet up let me know cc0926 (at ) gmail (dot) com

I may also have to bring a change in pants, as well.


One Response to “Games Workshop: Gamesday Chicago”

  1. wargamic.experience Says:

    You’re in the Chicago area? Me too. Maybe we can get together sometime.

    I promise I’m not an axe murderer. (The previous statement MUST be true because no axe murderer would say “I’m not an axe murderer” That kind of trickery would be too obvious.) LOL

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