Guild Wars 2 too Quiet

With all the Star Wars Hype going on these days, I really haven’t heard anything from the Guild Wars 2 camp lately. I am kind of looking forward to this game, it looks really beautiful, and some stunning things they are doing with it, but I’m afraid with all the nerdiness Star Wars has it’s going to swallow this game whole.

I’m really on the Star Wars hype train now, and I was drooling over my imaginary Sith Warrior,  thinking what I’m going to name this monster…then I thought…hmmm Guild Wars 2, whats going on there lately.

Anyone got any news on Guild Wars 2 as of late, and don’t you think they need to up their hype machine a little more?


5 Responses to “Guild Wars 2 too Quiet”

  1. arbitrary Says:

    Me and Spinks both played 40m of the game at Comic Con and were absolutely smitten (way more so than SWTOR at that playthrough). We’ll be writing it up shortly.

  2. prenerfed Says:

    It’s probably smart for them to lay low right now and ride out the SW:TOR hype storm. Anything they announce in the next couple of months will be lost in that howling wind.

  3. seems all i hear and read about these days is news about SWTOR and GW2. You’d think those are the only two games worth playing and they are not even out yet!!!

  4. I don’t think NCSoft/Arenanet has the money to throw at marketing like SWTOR does, not to mention the advantage of being star wars, but, gw2 is looking like it will come out next year, and swtor might come out this year, so hopefully after swtor comes out there will be some lull after the initial launch that gw2 can take advantage of.

    And yeah, gw2 was at san diego with a playable demo showing of the engineer and what not. plus they said they were unveiling the sylvari redesign in the next few weeks and they’d be playable at pax/gamescom. so. theres some hype.

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