Pick a Role, Any Role

So both my Mage, and Paladin are 85 now, and I’m working on gearing them. The problem is I don’t know which one to concentrate on. I’m trying to see what my guild needs, and they haven’t been to helpful either.  (I just sent a private message to the Main Raid Leader)

I like Tanking, I really do but my main concern is these raiders are way more progressed then I am, and they have been working together for some time. If I fill in, Tanking is a serious role you can’t mess up with.

With the Mage, there seems to be a little more room to screw up with, I mean if I screw up my rotation I can recover a bit in the burn phase.

Play what you want to play!

I would like to play and gear up both, but I lack that sort of time. Like I said I like both toons, each one has pluses and minuses.

Paladin –

Pluses – Insta- Queue, Tanking Gear handed on a plate, if my guild doesn’t need me someone might need me, everybody loves tanking right?

Minuses – More responsibility,will have to be on top of my game more, because in Cataclysm isn’t like Wrath, where we just overwhelm the dungeon.

Mage –

Pluses – Easier to solo, Perks such as Teleports, Laser Beams

Minuses Everybody has a DPS toon, and 30 minute Queues for Dungeons…bleh!


Then again if I’m leaving for Star Wars soon, should I really be putting that much effort into raiding.

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