Hai Guys!

Well,  With Riv on vacaciones I volunteered to pick up the pen keyboard once again and fire out some blog posts.  I’ll be tending to the Tuesday and Thursday duties this week. 

Yes, I’m still alive.  And I’m still playing WoW. 

want. pretty. mount. nowwww.

Lately I’ve just been working on rated BG’s, ZA/ZG runs, Firelands trash rep runs, and I’ve taken a glimpse at Beth’alickty-lack and  SHANNOX.  I’ve mostly looked at SHANNOX face down after rageface humps me to death.  (Seriously, no one can put out a 30,000 crit for me?)  One of my first attempts at him I was with a pug group.  After dying to Rageface for like the 6th time in 6 attempts one of the tanks says over vent, “that Rageface just loves eating you out.”  He said it innocently enough, but i’ve never heard such a in-unison nerd giggle as connections began clicking.  Ah, the fun of being the lone girl voice in vent.  Of course, I couldn’t help but laugh along. 

I went to a birthday party for a friend of mine from college a couple weekends ago.  This is a guy (we’ll call him “Julius”) who I went on a few dates with in college, but nothing really stuck.  As we’ve gotten older, facebook, in its infinite wisdom, has kept us in touch.  I tend to hear from him after a break-up or when he’s lonely.  The facebook internal messaging has recently changed, where now you can view the complete history of messages that you have sent and received from one person.  I can look back and see him asking me out (and my following rejections of his offers) in Feb 2007, April 2009 and now in June 2011.  His last attempt, and I quote,

“Hey Stranger.  Hungry for Sushi sometime?  I need to get out and stretch my legs in the single world again.”

I chose just to not answer this time.  Mainly because, OH GEE WOW, thanks for asking me to be your rebound.  Also, “stretch my legs in the single world” sounds a lot like “stretch my dick in you so I can feel better about my girlfriend dumping me.” 

A few weeks after this message was sent I recieve an invitation to his birthday party.  It’s being held at a downtown hotel at it’s rooftop bar. I see that a lot of my old friends from college will be there and in an excuse to hang out with them, I agree to go.  $760.00 worth of champagne later and “Julius” is drunk and horny.  He has gotten a suite at the hotel and a group of us decide to go check it out.  After he drunkingly tries to pull me into the bedroom area with him, promising to “rageface me,”  it was officially time to go. On my way home I begin receiving a series of text messages urging me to return.   Please take special note of the extreme overuse of the winky-face.

After attempting some pleasant rejections, I arrive home and log-in to play some WoW.  I still needed to get my dailies done, and let’s all admit it, drunken vent chats with guildies are always fun.  After forming a group for a Battleground, I start telling them about Julius’ attempts at banging me.  “He just won’t stop texting.”  One of my guild members makes a rejection suggestion I just can’t resist. 

Fabulous idea.

10 Responses to “Hai Guys!”

  1. haha. That was priceless. “Still in the queue” if he doesn’t play wow, he was probably like WTF? queue? queue for what?

    • I think he probably just assumed it autocorrected “bed” to “queue”. Which makes perfect sense since the words are so similar and B is really close to Q on the keyboard.

  2. …but if he does play he should understand, it’s tough to get in a b.g. these days sometimes! Then again if he was drunk he would not give a damn.

    • I know right!? Especially a queue with guild members that is pretty much an auto win if you can get in a 10 or 15 man BG. Even with 3 people you can make a difference.

      If he had written back, “Oh for a BG or dungeon?” I might have actually drove back to the hotel. I love me some WoW players 🙂

  3. scarybooster Says:

    Man, that guy sounds desperate. I heard girls love when a guy is so desperate he uses ;). I usually send this text:

    All in different messages.

    • I think the 😉 is the man’s way of making his sex request (or sexquests) more casual.

      I like to imagine if it was real life though. Like if some guy winked after every single sentence.

      “yeah, i might have banged him but, he had this weird twitch… it might have been the tourettes”

  4. Awesome. This is so much more interesting than River talking about being a mage again.

  5. theerivs Says:

    That’s odd I’m always in queue with the girls….Usually it’s a random too. 😉

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