Evolution of Roleplaying

This is a topic River would steer clear of, unless he wanted to piss someone off. The good thing is, I’m not River. He is on vacation and asked me to fill in for him today and on Wednesday. Who am I you might be wondering? I’m Scarybooster! And that means shit to most of you. I’m just another blogger that is helping a bro out while he is away. I’ve been doing this for 4 years now. I do it with a bit of a twist though. I blog exclusively from my iPhone. I’m nutty in that way. Enough about me, let’s figure out why River hates roleplaying so much.

I teased River several times about writing a post about roleplaying and I really think he thought I was joking, I’m not. I want to explain what I think River try’s to explain, but without the half naked lady and jests toward Pornshire lovers. I want to talk about his disappointment in roleplaying in MMOs.

You see, River doesn’t hate roleplaying or storytelling, he hates how they have evolved. He does not like how roleplaying has derailed over the years. I can feel it in the words he writes. The hate towards what the community has done to his beloved days of table-top gaming. I just think he is in total denial for his love of roleplaying. Let me explain where I am going with this.

Back before fancy computers with fancy graphics, River used to sit around tables with fellow nerds battling over painted dolls. I was never a Warhammer or Dungeons & Dragons freak like River, so I have no idea what it takes to geek out with other dudes. River felt that bond with his fellow man. He spent hours thinking of lavish stories to strategically make his army of dolls dance with another man’s dolls.

After several years of doing the most epic dork battles anybody has ever seen, River’s balls dropped. He then moved on to computer gaming. Computer gaming was a total shock to his system though. He could not smell his opponent’s nervous sweat or see that ripe pimple about burst on his mate’s cheek. River’s sense of companionship diminished. He felt like a caged beast yearning for a fellow nerd to free him.

River spent years looking for the roleplaying experience he had when he was younger. He failed to find it. Instead of embracing the change of the future, a demon grew inside him. He sought to destroy all who destroyed what he built his love for gaming on. This was/is a story of revenge. To this day, River seeks to destroy all that is roleplaying. Why though? How can we understand him and release this demon haunting him?

We have to understand the evolution of roleplaying. We have to figure out how it changed and how we can live with those changes to make a brighter future. So, how has roleplaying evolved over the years? Not just the addition of computers and virtual worlds that span the whole world, but how has it changed at the core? How has games like WoW, EQ, DAoC, RIFT, and all future MMO, changed through the years?

Do you think it is the gamers or the games that have changed roleplaying? Is it the new generations’ lack of table-top gaming experience that inevitably creates Pornshires? Maybe, it is the natural social evolution that all societies go through as they grow together?

Just like the difference between medieval times and now are different. We don’t speak, interact or socialize with each other the way we used to, why should it stay the same in games? Are we suppose to be locked in the timelines where people speak like uptight nobles or can we move past that and start the way we evolved? We can free ourselves from the stereotypical roleplaying nerd and move on to a different type of roleplaying. A type we have to discover ourselves and embrace it until it is time to evolve again.

This is how we save River from the demons.

6 Responses to “Evolution of Roleplaying”

  1. I can’t see any of the pictures in your post. They are all filtered by my work computer as “pornographic.” 😦

  2. scarybooster Says:

    Everything I touch turns to porn. I swear they are not naked. River puts worse pictures up than those 2. Maybe because I used my iPhone app to post it and it is linked to my blog. Idk

  3. I don’t think roleplaying changed, I think it is the modern players. I am sure most of the gamers out there don’t even read the quest descriptions, they just click on that glowing yellow question mark or whatever and move on. I can see it in someone like Remotay or w/e that guy’s name is (he reviews games for MMOhut.com) he never sits there and reads the quests he just clicks. Some people don’t like to immerse themselves in lore or the details, but I like to whenever possible, but hey everybody is different.

  4. Totally agree. Riv loves roleplaying. He wouldn’t play these games if he didn’t. “His army of dolls” lol.

  5. theerivs Says:

    Save yourself, My demons have a firm grasp on me. Seriously you are correct in your assumptions.

  6. […] Scary wrote his piece on me and Roleplaying he was pretty much dead on with his assumptions.  Let’s start at the […]

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