A RIFT Apart

I made some decisions, I am having way to much fun on my WoW Mage, and RIFT was always kind of on the fence, with my guild breaking apart, and alot of key players leaving for greener pastures. I decided to take my leave from RIFT.

I really liked the game, but just quite enough, I can’t really put my finger on it, but there is something really missing.  I think it needs better PvP at lower levels, or perhaps cross-realm dungeon queues.

To be honest though for me WoW is like that comfy blanket, that over the years I’ve grown use to.  I have a month left on my sub, so I might just level my 40 mage to 50, cause I like having max leveled characters in games, it’s an issue of mine.

For now though, I think me and RIFT are through unless something drastic changes, like Ewoks coming a playable character race in SWTOR.

4 Responses to “A RIFT Apart”

  1. Cross server dungeon queues were confirmed a couple days ago for 1.4. Same battlegroups can queue as the PvP Warfront cross server queues.

  2. Pretty much the same reasons I gave for moving on from RIFT.

  3. scarybooster Says:

    It’s the social bitch in you. Hope your ass to my server and we can spank some RIFT ass!

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