My Hate Makes Me Powerful

So I decided to shelf the tank a bit, I got him geared up enough for heroics, and noticed just not alot of mages in my guild….and we’ll everyone loves a mage.

So I really want to do a lot of PvP with my Mage, it’s a little hard though cause I once was of the Horde, now I am on the Alliance side. They do things a little, well different there. Basically it seems to me that Alliance doesn’t care most of the time, and give up, or other times they do things with such precise precision it boggles my mind. It’s either or, never in the middle. The Horde it’s either we win by a small margin, or we keep banging our collective heads against a wall.

Very different mind set, but now I am Alliance, and dedicated to the cause, an evil wizard hell bent on destroying these monsters. I love letting my hate flow from me in angry frostbolts, while my enemies are frozen to the ground…MUHAHAHA…excuse me….I digress.

Anywho I’m back to being a mage, probably where I belong, and questing is always easy…Kill six mobs…round up mobs….Frostnova….Blizzard…Everything Dies.

Only thing I got to fix when I switched back to Alliance with this mage, I made him a Worgen…I don’t like it one bit. The arms flailing, and such, nope going back to being a good ole human where I belong.

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