Have Tank, Will Travel.

First off I want to thank Syp of Bio-Break for allowing me to do a guest post, to finish up his Blogsplosion 2011, some great posts from my fellow bloggers, here’s mine. It was fun doing it, and I love how Syp introduced me, but he should have used a more…erm..provocotive pic. So I decided to post one for him. Though Luke Perry is some nice…wait…nevermind.

My Pallie Tank is geared to Ilevel 349, I do have some cheater PvP pieces, helm, and shoulders to be exact, but ofr the most part I believe I’m ready to do heroics now. I just hope I am not full of fail, though part of me feels I should work on my mage now too. My guild is pretty set with it’s raiders, and I don’t really need to rush on anything. Though my Pally has a ton of work to do besides gear, like doing Hyjal quests to unlock Molten Front, which is chaffing my arse.

My mage also I’m not feeling the Worgen, I might switch him back to Human, because I really don’t like the way Worgen’s move around. When they run/walk they seem to be lumbering around. We’ll see.

People have alot of WoW hate right now, you know I’m having a decent enough time at it, at least it should keep me occupied until SW:TOR comes out.

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