Well Thursday’s I like to delve into the geekdom of  my life. Yesterday I saw Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  Before I begin lets give you some history of me and the Transformers.

Growing up I LOVED the Transformers, mainly the Decepticons. In the cartoon I craved to hear Soundwave in his robot voice go, “Rumble, Ravage. Eject”, the Instecticons devouring all in it’s path, or Megatron bitch slapping Starscream.  I had the toys, and loved them all.

When I heard they were doing a Live Action Movie, I couldn’t wait. It was pretty good too, despite some minor flaws. When Transformers 2 came out, though I thought it was OK, I thought it was lackluster.

This one changed that, I really liked it, and it really fed into my geekdom. Here are the reasons.

1. You could tell the Decepticons from the Autobots better. Cooler Decepticons too, like Shockwave, and savage dog trucks running, more bad ass Decepticons, means more bad ass of a movie.

2. The Comedy Relieve was actually funny, instead of them trying to jam it in somewhere it doesn’t belong.

3. Better story line, I liked this story line better than number 2, and it was like Whoa, I won’t spoil it.

4. Giant Robots Sword Fighting….Nuff Said.

5. A Cavalcade of Stars, like John Malkovich, Buzz Aldrin, I didn’t know Hugo Weaving did Megatron, but just awesome list.

6. Yeah no Megan Fox, but the new chick Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the new hotness.

7. Leonard Nimoy voicing Sentinel Prime, one of the main Autobots….and he says the awesomest line ever…”The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few”…I nearly got a boner.

To be honest it’s no Academy Award winner, but I enjoyed it, and it was well worth the money.

One Response to “ThurGeekery”

  1. I’ve never understood that race of super advanced transforming sentient robots would be fighting each other….with their hands. Where are the lasers from the old cartoons?

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